xcopy.me v1.1 (2017/03/11)

What I can do with it?

You can:
  • Copy and paste any document text
  • Upload small file (for example a picture) for future reference

Will the shared data be deleted?

All the shared data are uploaded to Tencent cloud. As could space is limited, I cannot guarantee these files to be reserved for ever. But I will try my best if I have enough budget to purchase the cloud resource.

How to contact the project owner to report bug?

You can contact me via email: JieChenCN@qq.com

Version History

v1.1 (2017/03/11)
  • Fixed bug: View timeout if remote file is big
  • IE 11 is supported
v1.0 (2017/03/03):
  • Initial release
  • Supported: Firefox, Chrome, Safari